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What is Roozz ?

Roozz.com is a very sophisticated technology that can convert the vast majority of existing software applications and PC games to run directly in any browser as well allows the owner of the title to set up payment exactly how they wish to - allowing them to rent out their software.

Converting a title typically takes 48 hours where the only work involved for the publisher is to send the title on a CD or as download .zip package file and Roozz.com will take care of the rest - and we do not require access to source code.

Very easy and entirely risk-free for the publisher to get started.

How does it work ?

The Roozz Platform consists of 3 components: The Roozz Plugin, the Roozz server components and the Roozz conversion tools. The Roozz server components are a database plus some additional modules that take care of payment, security, updates etc. The Roozz conversion tools are only for internal use in the company to convert games and applications to run on the Roozz Platform.
The end-user must install the Roozz Plugin in order to run software and games released on the platform which are then hosted on our cloud server.

The Roozz Plugin is a small 1 Mb plugin which downloads and installs in less than 15 seconds. It has built-in mechanisms to ensure that we only run secure software on the Roozz Platform and allows us to pause the game while the end-user accept payment terms.

The Roozz plugin will only need to be installed ONE time - updates always install silently in the background.

Platforms and payment module

The Roozz plugin currently works for the Windows platform however Roozz supports ALL browser. We are considering to make Roozz available for other platforms such as Mac, Linux, Chrome OS etc during 2013. Please follow our progress on Twitter of Facebook. 

The Roozz payment system makes it possible for software developers and publishers to now RENT out their software applications and games. And they get complete control on what rental period, price and trial period they want to set though their unique log-in - and they can change this whenever they want to. 

Automatic updates

Roozz allows automatic updates and copyright protections.

When a user rents software and PC games on the Roozz Platform, the files are downloaded and cached on the local computer. It works the same way as when you view web graphics and videos on your computer where those are also downloaded and cached in the temp folder on the end-user´s computer which means that the game is also running on the CPU on the user´s computer.

Using software or games on the Roozz platform offer exactly the same performance as when you use the same title from a CD or from download.


See how other software publishers benefit - read the VSO Software case study here 

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"Roozz offers the exact same performance as when running the same software from a CD"

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