Our Story

Who are we and why do we do what we do?

We founded Twinkle Twinkle with one purpose in mind;  to provide parents with a place they can come to to figure out which products are safe, effective, and worth the money.   To achieve this purpose we created website to help parents make good decisions (by providing them with relevant, well-researched information on parenting, baby health, and baby products) and provide them with a marketplace where they can purchase those top pediatrician approved products at an affordable price.  By doing so, we hope to turn the time parents would have wasted making these decisions into time they can use to enjoy being with their children.

Our founder is an experienced Pediatrician who has been in private practice since 2011.  She completed her training in the world renowned Houston Medical Center from the University of Texas - Houston. She has been affiliated with notable children’s hospitals such as Memorial Hermann Children's Hospital, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.  In addition to her professional work, she also routinely participates on a local Breastfeeding Committee and Advocacy Groups and is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Texas Medical Association.  Her devotion to patient care and desire to help parents make good informed decisions for their children is what led us to create this website.

How do we curate our information and products?

As any parent knows there are thousands of products and for each of these products there are even more opinions.  To address this, first we asked our pediatricians to come up with the most frequent questions patients have regarding products.  With this data we then selected the category of items that address these questions.  From there we asked our pediatricians to give us the styles and brands that were safe, effective, and were cost effective.  Next, our product specialists scour hundreds of thousands of reviews on these products to make sure there were no inconsistencies of opinion with the products our pediatricians recommended.  Only then, when the opinion of our pediatricians is confirmed by the reviews of the masses do we even consider putting it in one of our packs.

Where are we located?

We are a small company based out of Houston, Texas that prides itself on customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to provide our guests and customers with reliable information and safe products that they can be confident in.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us. We are continually looking to help improve your experience.