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Why Roozz?

Users with a short term need really want to avoid a large one time payment for software, and left with no option they usually turn to free trials or piracy. Renting software is a perfect fit for these users, so you'll increase both your revenue and your customer base.

How does it work?

The Roozz technology has been developed over several years which is why Roozz today offers software publishers a one-stop-shop solution. The work of taking an existing software application and move it online is done entirely by Roozz. It is as simple as this:

Send us your software We convert it You now have an online version!
Simply send your application to us in an mail or upload via a FTP site. We do not require access to your source code - ever. We run your software through the Roozz conversion tool. If it can convert then we will sign the Partner Agreement and continue with the full conversion and test it thoroughly in all Windows operating systems and browsers. We then send you a link and you get to test it. Once you are 100% satisfied with the performance, we move the software online. You are now ready to start making money on your software and rent it out. For best results, you should promote it from your own site, your affiliates, etc. We will provide you with the relevant tools and also promote it from our own site, Facebook, Twitter and more.

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A software publisher's experience with the Roozz model:

vso “Converting our software to run online was all taken care of by Roozz (...) The rental service was used immediately when it was available. We get new users who would never have paid the full price for our software. We even have customers come back and rent again”

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