Memo Calendar

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Memo Calendar is a free online calendar used to create and save small memos without logging in or downloading software.

  • This online calendar is FREE!
  • No sign up or software download required
  • Simple, no-think way to organize a busy schedule

Memo Calendar free online calendar

Memo Calendar is a free and amazingly easy to use online calendar. Intended for personal use, Memo Calendar has one simple function: Add memos to the days on a calendar.

No log in or download needed

Unlike other online calendars, Memo Calendar does not require you to log in or download any software, so your calendar is available in your browser in seconds.

Distraction-free calendar design

The design of the calendar offers a clear monthly view of the calendar with nothing else around the screen to distract besides a calming blue background. The concept behind Memo Calendar is that an online calendar should be as simple and easy to use as the traditional printed wall or desk calendar. Without unnecessary features, like many other online calendars available are overstuffed with, Memo Calendar can keep a clean design.

This focus on distraction-free calendar scheduling means that this is not a feature-packed online calendar. Memo Calendar is ideal for users who want an incredibly simple way to display daily memos and create an organized personal schedule.

Store personal memos safely

 Although Memo Calendar is not recommended for business purposes, this online calendar is a safe, reliable way to store your personal memos. Your data is never transmitted to another server besides your own local hard drive and since this online calendar is run through your browser, it doesn’t take up extra space.

To use this online calendar on multiple computers, you can export your Memo Calendar in a CSV file and then import the CSV file from another computer.

Try Memo Calendar free and get a simple online calendar that will display your memos in an easy, clear overview.