28 February 2013

Roozz wins TheNextWeb's Startup Award for Best Danish startup in the web app category

We are very proud to have won this award from TheNextWeb as the best Danish startup. We will be going to TheNextWeb conference in Holland in April


30 November 2012

Roozz exceeds 1 million download of its plugin

We have seen a huge growth in installations during 2012 and we are very proud and happy that we reached 1 million downloads during November 2012.


1 June 2012

Roozz made it to the final 12 in the Tech All Stars competition

We are proud to be among the 12 startsups who will be presenting in London on June 20-21 in connection with Le Web. 
Come check out Roozz here


Copenhagen, 13 April 2012

Roozz wins 2nd place in global pitch competition

Coming in ahead of 2000 companies selected from a worldwide pool of startup incubators, Roozz took 2nd place in the annual pitch competition as part of the Global Technology Symposium in Silicon Valley. Read more here 


P R E S S   R E L E A S E live on Google Chrome Web Store

Copenhagen, Denmark. 6 December 2010 - a Copenhagen based developer of a middleware technology, today announced they are able to convert PC games and desktop applications to run in the new Google Chrome Web Store. For the end-user this means that they will now be able to run 3D games and advanced productivity applications directly from the web-browser and avoid the usual lengthy download and installation process.

The founder and CEO of, Thomas Jam Pedersen says: “Google Chrome Web Store makes it easier to find, rate and compare applications and now it is safe and easy to pay for them. We believe strongly in the Google Chrome Web Store (GWS) and we think this will start a true gold rush similar to what we have seen with the Apple Appstore in the last few years. In the first 5000 days since the web was born, it has predominantly been used for finding information. But the next 5000 days is going to be all about applications that can help or entertain people in their everyday life. What is new with GWS is that it is available on all platforms. We predict that any major company and many small innovative developers are going to put hundreds of thousands of application on GWS during the next 12 month and there is going to be a race to get there first to grab the users attention.”


The Roozz Platform is the leading technology in the world to make it possible to convert existing applications to run inside the Google Chrome Web Store without having to change the source code. Roozz is currently available on Windows and Linux platform and a version for Mac and mobile platforms is right now under development.

In today’s market for online distribution of productivity applications, Roozz is an alternative to Silverlight and Java. However the Roozz Platform offers copyright protection and many additional features. It typically only requires 1 – 2 days for Roozz to convert an existing desktop application to run online on Roozz, whereas reprogramming to Silverlight or Java usually takes several months, if at all possible.

In today’s market for online distribution of PC games Roozz is a competitor to Steam and Unity3D. But where Steam focuses on hardcore gamers and games of more than 1 GB in size, Roozz focuses on smaller games and the more average gamer. In comparison with Unity3D, Roozz offers a solution that can convert any game to run in the web-browser, where Unity3D require developers to buy their tools and learn their programming languages.

To run software on the Roozz Platform the end-user is required to install a small browser plugin, which takes less than 20 seconds to download and install. Both plugin and applications running on the Roozz Platform update automatically and silently once the plugin has been installed the first time. has experienced a huge interest from developers and will continue to offer a fast growing number of titles through its platform. To learn more about Roozz and to try some of our demos, please

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+45 702 69 111

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